• Melanie Vespestad

Welcome, 2014

2014 GOALS:

Personal: •Learn to say "no" to people without feeling guilty •Sponsor a compassion child for at least 6 months •Get back into art/doodling •Become a patient and respectful woman. SUBMIT •Write down memories of the year in a book •Cross off at least 3 bucket list items; add more to the list •Complete monthly goals

Academic: •Blog two times a month •Improve critical thinking •Shadow at least two different people within journalism •Decide on major within journalism and what college I will stick with

Fitness: •Weigh 145 lbs or less •Be comfortable in a 2 piece swim suit •Ab workout 4x per week •Run 3x per week •Cross fit workout 2x per week

Spiritual: •Journal 3x per week •Make quiet time more intentional (4x per week) •Attend church every possible week •Find the church I want to attend for the rest of college •Attend 2 Navs/IV per month •1 day of solitude this year (6 hours)

Financial: •Make tithing intentional •Pay at least $5,000 of my tuition

Reading: •Read a biography •Read all of the books that I have received in the past two Christmases

Monthly Goals: January: Find a meaningful article to blog/write about each week February: Blog once a week March: Memorize a verse each day April: Month without Netflix May: No social media for my own enjoyment June: 3 DIY Projects July: Only purchase things second hand August: Run to Erick's house (5 miles) September: 2000 sit ups October: Run "Race for the Cure" (5K) November: 30 Days of Thankfulness December: Advent Devotional

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