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Plum Paper planner review

A new year calls for a new planner, right?

While I was still in college, I used to buy pretty cheap planners from Target or Walmart, or I sometimes even used the planner that the school provided. During our junior year, a few of my friends got Erin Condren planners, and though I liked the idea of them, they just weren’t for me. I needed more customization, and that’s when I began researching. After reading several reviews, I landed on Plum Paper’s website.

Let me tell you, they do a great job. They know that when you are shopping online, you want to be able to see ALL of the product before you spend the money.

The numerous product photos and detailed descriptions help you make your decision easy. You can zoom in to see what the pages look like, including fonts and colors.

When I got back online this year to make my 2018 planner, I was shocked by all of the changes they have made, which allow for many different options.

First of all, you choose your own layout. That was my number one problem with planners in the past. I would much rather have a calendar that places the days of the week all across the page, so that you have you are writing top to bottom. I like to have one column for each day, and a lot of planners do not do that, or if they do, they are marked as hourly.

What I found with Plum Paper is that they have many different layouts.

They offer customization options for vertical layouts, including breaking it down hourly, or by morning and evening. Like I said before, when you begin looking at the planners, you can see the differences in the pictures. The main difference I saw in Erin Condren was that it was either an option for an hourly layout, or a morning, afternoon and evening. If you’re like me, a lot of my days are NOT the same. I didn’t like limiting my day to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., so I needed one that just had lines for me to write in the times that things were happening. EC planners also have less opportunity for customization. It comes in a bundle that includes the weekly and monthly spreads, some graph paper, notes sections, and a few other extras. And the starting price is $55. My problem with this is, what if you want your planner to do MORE. What if you use it for more than just appointments, and what if you don't benefit from what’s included?

With Plum, you have many different layout and sizing options. I went for the 7”x9” because I knew I’d be carrying it around a lot, but they also have a larger version that would be great on a desk, or for teachers trying to organize their classrooms. Other layouts that Plum offers are geared toward teachers or those who homeschool. With those, you can customize them based on your needs, adding and removing sections as you see fit.

For the color scheme, you can choose a colored, rainbow theme, or a neutral theme. When I began customizing mine for next year, this blah girl was pretty stoked about pages and pages of navy, gray and black.

The basics start at $32, and you get virtually the same stuff as with the Erin Condren planner. But, then you can actually ADD MORE. Last year, as we were in our first year of marriage, I began looking for a few different things to help us stay organized. When I saw the additional tabs Plum Paper offered, I was pretty excited. I purchased the Budget Planning, My Home, Fitness and Meal Plan tabs. The My Home tab helped me to organize my cleaning and other areas. It has a few to-do lists and the gift list was exceptionally helpful as we prepared for Christmas this year, juggling two different families that we bought gifts for. The Budget Planning tab was helpful for budgeting as we began paying off all of our student loans. We were able to see about how much we spent every month, as well as how much we made and how much we could save. Another huge help in budgeting has been the Every Dollar app by Dave Ramsey. But that’s for another post in the future. I used the Fitness and Meal Plan tabs on and off throughout the year, but overall, I decided not to include any of these tabs in my 2018 planner. Instead, I added Blog and Photography tabs and opted for a cleaning page disbursed once per month throughout the year.

The beginning of the planner features a goal setting spread, and each month also has a page to rewrite the goals that you have set, whether they were for a specific month or the whole year. I’ve loved this spread, and as you can see from years past, I love setting goals. This spread and the additional pages help to keep me on track.

Another bonus of Plum is that they let you start your year on YOUR terms. Where as EC only allows for Jan. - Dec. or an 18-month option, Plum has an option to select your starting month and year. So for those of you who are a little behind on preparing for 2018, you can start your month in February, or you can just jump right in when yours comes in the mail. It’s never too late to start getting your life organized.

So if I haven’t won you over yet, go check out the site for yourself. They offer adorable accessories and sticker packages. I’ve had my eye on the seasonal stickers because I think they’re just darling.

To receive 10% off your own purchase, email me at melanievespestad@gmail.com, and I will reply with the coupon code! Happy planning!

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