• Melanie Vespestad

Cappuccino man

There is a man who comes into work almost every night.

He drives into the café on his little scooter and sits at the same table by the door. He doesn't need a menu because his order is always the same. A large cappuccino in a to go cup.

He then pours it into a tea cup that he brings in a plastic tupperware each night.

Every night that I work, I wait for him to come and hope that the special table is in my section. He stays for an hour or two, attempts a few crosswords and sudoku puzzles and leaves.

Sometimes I peek over his shoulder and try to solve them on my own, and without fail, he always says, "You're too young to be starting on these right now. Get out of here!"


I was gone for a few weeks for spring break, and tonight was my first night back. Although I was honestly dreading working after such a tiresome break, when he drove in at 5:06, I was instantly in a better mood.

His opening sentence to me was "Where the heck have you been?"

As he came inside, he didn't stop at his usual seat near the door, but kept moving toward the back, which was my designated section.

It just so happened that it was cappuccino man's birthday, and he was having a birthday party. I cannot express the joy that I felt as he shared his normal routine with his friends and family.

I'm amazed at what this man is doing as an 81-year-old and am so blessed to have been able to help him celebrate such a special day.

Happy birthday, Cappuccino Man!

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