• Melanie Vespestad

Bucket list

So as a lot of people know, I operate on lists. I just love them. I realize that a lot of people don't feel the same way, but I enjoy writing out all of the things I want to do within my lifetime. I think it is important to have goals, dreams and ideas for your life. Plus, I suppose it's a good way to look back and see the things that I wanted in the past, and what I now want to do!

1. Ice skate in Central Park 2. Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 3. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back 4. Finish a whole tube of chapstick 5. Kiss someone under the Eiffel Tower 6. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop (440) 7. Finish an entire coloring book 8. Donate my hair 9. Have my own personal library in my house 10. Attach a lock to a love bridge 11. Find a four leaf clover 12. Ride in a gondola 13. Finish an entire eraser 14. Receive 365 letters, one every day for a year 15. Have someone make me breakfast in bed 16. Read every novel written by Nicholas Sparks 17. Be a bridesmaid 18. Get tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show 19. Wade through a cranberry bog 20. Swim with dolphins 21. See a musical on Broadway, NYC 22. Be in two places at once 23. Read the bible in one year 24. See the northern lights 25. "hold up" the leaning tower 26. Shop on Black Friday 27. Ride a horse on the beach 28. Visit the Louvre 29. Become a professional photographer 30. Walk through a drive-thru 31. Visit Ground Zero 32. Learn how to surf 33. Kiss underwater 34. go on a road trip with my best friend 35. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a row 36. Bake in the middle of the night with someone I love 37.Set foot on 6 continents 38. Go to Hawaii 39. Slow dance in the rain 40. Visit all 50 U.S. states 41. Complete an entire book of Sudoku puzzles 42. Straddle the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England 43. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome 44. Crash a wedding 45. Go a week without using my phone 46. Witness a wedding proposal 47. Buy a pair of white shoes and do something crazy to them 48. Be able to pull off bright red lipstick 49. Get a fish pedicure 50. Stand on one of the plaques in the capitol building and whisper "I love you" to the man I love. 60. Buy something at Anthropologie 61. own a polaroid camera 62. Learn how to ski or snowboard 63. Go parasailing 64. Learn a tough song on the piano 65. Visit the Great Wall of China 66. Stop biting my nails 67. Get a manicure and pedicure at a salon 68. Own an underwater camera 69. make home videos with my future children 70. skip a class for no reason 71. get 1000 followers on Pinterest 72. Ride a motorcycle 73. Redo a pair of jean shorts with lace 74. Take a picture every day of Summer 2013 75. Enter a photo into the Iowa State Fair Photography Contest 76. Own every season of Full House on DVD 77. Run a Half Marathon 78. Compete in the HyVee Triathlon 79. Write a book 80. Go on a backpacking trip 81. Swim near a waterfall/walk under a waterfall 82. Cliff jump 83. Fly first class 84. Fly in a helicopter 85. Out of country mission trip 86. Visit San Francisco and travel by cable car 87. Visit Bangkok, Thailand 88. Ride an elephant 89. "Unplug" for 48 hours 90. Climb a mountain 91. Teach Erick a skill that he doesn't already know 92. Make a video that captures Summer 2014 93. Road trip coast to coast 94. Drive Route 66 95. Tube on a river 96. Visit Venice 97. Send a message in a bottle 98. Own a pair of superhero underwear 99. Make a couples' bucket list and share it 100. Play mud volleyball 101. Jump into a body of water fully clothed 102. See the sunset and sunrise on the same day

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