• Melanie Vespestad

A Michael Bublé Christmas: Part 2

Naturally, we couldn’t stop at just one silly Christmas video. We had to go bigger and better. During our junior year, sometime in November we began to brainstorm about what we wanted our next video to be.

We had both been a part of Dance Marathon the previous year, so as a way of seeking more donations, we decided to put a post out that another video would be made if we received the donations. Eventually, we both reached our dollar goal, so we started planning.

After some thought, we decided that we had to make a tradition of using a song from Michael Bublé’s Christmas album. After seeing the official music video for Baby It’s Cold Outside, we decided that we would attempt to mimic it using Grand View’s brand new student center as various backdrops.

With this decision made, we knew we would have to enlist some help to play the “extras”. With some begging and promises of internet fame, a few of our friends agreed.

After we all finished finals for the semester, on Friday morning we took a few hours to put the movie together. I spent a few hours editing, and our next video was live. The video itself is funny, but I always get a kick out of what goes on behind the scenes. When we are using a tripod to film ourselves, a lot of super goofy footage is also recorded!

View the final video here, and be sure to subscribe to this blog to get an email notification for part 3 of A Michael Bublé Christmas.

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