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2018: 45 goals for the new year

Last year I had some pretty hefty goals, and I feel like I accomplished a decent amount of them. A lot of them were focused on getting into a routine, and since my schedule has less variety in it this year, I've been able to really enjoy getting into a routine.

Each year, instead of choosing one or two specific resolutions, I choose several goals that fit into six different categories: Personal, Career, Health, Spiritual, Reading, and Financial. And then I have my monthly goals. That's where I really dropped the ball last year. I don't think I actually completed a single one of those.

I've never done this, but I have chosen a word that I want to live by in 2018, which is reflect. I want to reflect God's image, but I also want to focus on reflecting on certain situations that I have experienced. This has been on my heart a lot for the past couple of months. In Sunday School, we've had a lot of questions that we are supposed to reflect on and answer, and I noticed that I don't really take the time or feel good at looking back at my life and seeing how situations occurred and how they related to the more current topics and questions. The biggest area that I have seen the need for growth in though, is in how I communicate with my husband about my feelings. Oftentimes, I know that I am angry, but I generally don't take the time to dig deep to understand the why. The root of what triggered those specific emotions.

Now, within these 45 goals, I have 10 that I am pretty terrified of. They require a lot of commitment and effort, and that makes me a little more than fearful. So if you glance at the list and have any advice to offer or encouragement to give, please contact me!


•Write once per week about grandpa

•Put away my phone an hour before bed

Learn a popular song on the piano

•Make a headboard with Erick

•Host a gratitude dinner (This is an idea that I am really excited about. Hopefully we will be done with it in February, and I'll post details then.)

•Transform my bucket list into “Life goals”


•Go on a morning shoot

•Get a grasp on Lightroom and using presets

•Seek more mentorship within photography/business

Have a photo day at the orchard or do front porch mini sessions

•Purchase a flash system

Spend at least one hour a week on creative photography

•SEO my website


•Set a realistic goal weight and live within that range

Train for a half marathon

•FUEL my body, including water

•Tackle 80-day obsession

•Do a cleanse

•Bike more


•Daily devotion

•Read through the Bible with someone

•Become a Grace E. Free member

JH youth group staff

•Read all of My Utmost for His Highest

•Have a day of solitude

Memorize at least one piece of scripture a month


•Read 25 books, with at least five of them from my own bookshelf (I'm a Goodwill book hoarder. And I really need to start reading what I have.)

•Visit the library once a month

•Read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover again


•Begin investing

•Dave Ramsey baby steps 3A and 3B (saving for a house down payment!)

•Buy a "new" vehicle and finance it (this one I'm not too thrilled about because financing scares me, but I just have to listen to my hubby!)

•Research financial advising and retirement

Monthly goals:

January: No social media, YouTube, or Netflix

February: Hand out my business cards (100)

March: Honeymoon video

April: Find a valuable verse to bible journal each day

May: Have a closet purge

June: Run Dam to Dam

July: Whole 30

August: Explore somewhere new in IA or a surrounding state (camping)

September: No spending money on myself

October: $100 room redo challenge

November: 30 Days of Gratitude (I’m really going to do it this year!)

December: 31 Days of Prayer and the Power of a Praying Wife

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