• Melanie Vespestad

2017 goals

A few years ago, I began to make goals for the new year. Some of them seem pretty far fetched, and some are just things that I really want to implement into my life. With goals, I know it's important to make them attainable as well as something you can track. Some of mine aren't, but others are more numbers driven. I love having goals within specific categories because I will still feel accomplished, even if I only conquer a few under each this year.


-Consistent bedtime/wake up time

-spend intentional time with Kacie (once per month)

-Choose music over TV

-go thrift shopping/antiquing/garage saleing once a month alone

-plan honeymoon trip

-complete organized home task each week

-stay offline one day per week

-put away phone one hour before bedtime


-register business

-take a photo each day with my DSLR

-Listen to a Ted Talk each week or read a blog post related to career

- go to a Wyn Wiley workshop

-seek mentorship from Shea McGrath

-go on a morning shoot with Justin Meyer

-design a calendar and planner in InDesign

-update website periodically

-experiment with videography


-Drink 48 oz. of water

- Exercise 4 days per week

-Complete an ab workout 3 days per week

-Eliminate soda

-Take all medications every day

-Hit goal weight of 145 lbs.


-Attend Sunday School

- Join a small group

- JH youth group

-Daily devotion time


-Pay off all of student loans


-Monthly budget

-Balance the checkbook


-Read Alexander Hamilton

-Read 10 pages a day

-Read 20 books

Monthly Goals:

January: Hand out 100 business cards (local businesses)

February: weekend away

March: run 50 miles

April: Healthy breakfast each day

May: 2000 sit-ups

June: enter (4) photos in state fair

July: go to an auction with Erick

August: go for a walk once a week w/ Erick

September: explore 2 new places in Iowa

October: compile a quote list with one each day

November: 30 Days of Gratitude

December: Advent Devotional

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