• Melanie Vespestad

2015 goals

January: Save all of the money I make

February: run 50 miles

March: make a choir tour video

April: no Netflix

May: take photo ever day

June: no social media

July: learn a song of my choice on the piano

August: complete a Pinterest project for the the apartment

September: go to the Farmer's Market with Naomie

October: Galena and Taylor Swift Concert

November: 30 Days of Gratitude

December: Advent devotional


* Journal 3x per week

* Blog 2x per month

* Complete monthly goals


* Happen upon an inexpensive globe

* Establish a routine, make the most out of my day

* Date night 2x per month

* Learn 12 recipes


* Work out on week days

* Goal weight: 140 lbs.

* T/TH abs

* Advocare cleanse


* Internship within journalism/graphic design/photography

* Learn skills to establish myself as a freelancer

* Design several logos


* Work on branding

* Set specific prices for my work

* Logo for David


* Tithe intentionally

* Form and use a budget

* Save $5000 for Fall 2015 tuition


* Settle on a church

* Intentional quiet time (daily)

* 1 day of solitude (6 hours)

* seek a mentor


* National Geographic Traveler cover-to-cover

* 1 autobiography

* finish all the books from Christmases past

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